Working Process

Working Process are Yoga, Meditation, Counselling and providing diet chart along with diet food as per the rules and timings to keep physically and mentally fit.

1. Yoga-Yoga means to add. In general words yogasan means to add the body in a particular posture constantly in a particular position.
2. Pranayam –  In general words the protector of life is pranayam. (The way to obtain the power of guidance which execute all functions of body). In general words if pranayam can be done regularly then the soul will be under control.
3. Mudra – In general words to keep the body constantly in a particulars position and to hold the position is mudra
4. Counselling – To control mental sorows, troubles, emotions by the way of conversation is counselling.
5. Meditation – In general words, self analysation and to keep calm and stable is mediation. Meditation is to concentrate soul and wisdom. If both can be controlled then soul and wisdom will be fit. As a result, the soul will be happy and target is fixed and success with completeness will come in life.
6. Diet Chart – The habit of intake of food as per the requirement of body according to the rules and timing is diet chart.