Meaning of our Foundation Name:

Shree: Nature (Motherhood)
Seba : Self Sacrifice for other people
Foundation : A group of organisation is a group of selfless people


Meaning Of Our Logo:

Lotus - Holy
Water - Soul
Sun - Knowledge (Enlighten)
Snake – Existed Interforce
Hand -  Selfless service

Selfless service to be continued by arising the inner existed force with holy soul and enlightenment like Sun.

In Details: Salkia Shree Seba Foundation "Mission for the people by the people". People are called creatures, the life of a creature is dev (god, god is soul, soul is god) Dev is existed in human body. Human body is protected by the nature. Nature is controlled by Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Universe through Yoga. The life which is dev (soul). Salkia Shree Seba Foundation is trying to realise dev by meditation. Self-confidence by realisation of dev. People's life, wisdom can be complete pleasing and happy. Thus, realise himself. Self confidence by self realisation. What can be one's desire and cannot desire. What will be the limit of area to be spread. As a result, one will be satisfied then target is fixed. If target is fixed then success will come. Then life will be happy. If one's life is happy then he will develop society by the support of nature (prakriti). Every people will search and find dev (soul). As a result, they will be satisfied.
Nature: (Like motherhood love, shree)
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Universe
All there are nature selfless service to groom and observe by self-sacrifice (Seba)
Organisation is group of selfless people (Foundation)