About Us

About Salkia Shree Seba Foundation

Salkia Shree Seba Foundation is a voluntary N.G.O. of Howrah (W.B.). Since 2004 the members of this foundation are servicing to the different sections of society as per their capacity. In the year 2009 S.S.S.F. got certified from court and society and legally authorized. After that this foundation is continuously serving the people of cities and village areas, especially in the tea gardens of Doors this foundation is doing social and welfare jobs which is still running.
Salkia Shree Seba Foundation is having a plan to establish an ''Orphanage'' and ''Old Age House'' (By the help of everybody).

What we believe

 A mission for the people by the people’’ people are called creature.

                The life of creature is Dev (God, God is Soul, soul is god)

                Dev is existed in human body

                Human body is protected by nature

                Nature is controlling

                Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Universe by Yoga (The foundation)

of creature is by these five elements)

The life which is Dev (Soul) : Salkia Shree Seba Foundation is trying to realise Dev by meditation. Self confidence by realization of Dev.

People’s life, wisdom can be  complete, pleased and happy.

Then realise himself.

Self confidense by self realisation. What can be one’s desire and can not desire. How much spread and limit area. As a result one will be satisfied, then peoples target is fixed. If target is fixed then success will come. Then life will be happy. It one’s life is happy then he will develop Society - By the support of nature every people will search and found Dev (Soul). As a result they will be satisfied.